How We Produce Our Essential Oils

  • We are working with local farmers and accumulators who harvest from wild or cultivated resources, then gathered to our own storage facility.

  • We prepare all the goods before sending to our distillation still by crushing, grinding, dried or cutting.

  • The prepared goods, then sent to the distillation still to produced the essential oils.

  • After we obtain the oils from distillation unit, the result go to laboratory for quality control.

  • Essential oils that passed the quality standarization, will be stored in drums for exports.

storage preparing distillation distillation2
 Harvested goods stored in piles  The herbs and spices will be cut, grind or crush before put in the distilation unit  the oils are obtain by steam distillation process, then gathered in proper containers before laboratory test 
lab quality control packing packing2 ready
 In lab, the obtained oils will be measured for the quality All Passed of quality control will be put in drums and sealed well for shipment.

Distillation Unit

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