clove oil



Product Information

Clove Oil is produced by steam distillation from the dried leaves,broken buds, and stem of the clove tree (Eugenia Caryophyllata).

Appearance : clear  Liquid
Visual Color : Yellow amber to brown, darkens and thickens with age and exposure, and rapidly after contact with iron
Flavor / Odor : strong aromatic odor,pungent, spicy taste
Specific Gravity (200 C) : 1.022 - 1.0574
Refractive Index (200 C) : 1.525 - 1.539
Solubility in 70 % ethanol (v/v) : Max 1 : 2 Clear 
Assay ( Eugenol Content) : Min 70.0 % (GC Method)
Shelf Life 12 month with proper storage
Storage Condition Store in full, tight, light-resistance containers in cool and dry place, protected from light
Packaging In polyethylene drum
Status Does not contain any foreign matters





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